A short history of the Corydon Collies

Me and Phrosty
Miranda and Maddy

The Corydon prefix was registered with the Kennel Club in 1958. Barbara and her sister Christine were the first owners. It was transferred to Barbara and me when we got married in 1960. We bought our first bitch about three weeks after our wedding. She was called Chuckalucks That’s My Girl. She was very cheap as we had no spare money and she most definitely was not a show bitch, but all of the Corydon’s that have been bred have her in their pedigree. Her first litter was born in January 1962 the sire being Ch Jefsfire Strollaway. He was a big winner in his day and a successful sire. I liked him a lot and I was rather surprised that his owners Kath and Alan Jeffries should allow us to use him on a rather poor bitch. But they did and even more surprising was that they agreed to a second mating a week later as she was still showing signs of being in season. She whelped to the second mating so we were very thankful to the Jeffries. I dread to think what would have happened if she had missed her whelping. We kept a sable bitch from this mating Corydon Bella Donna. Donna as we called her had a long show career and she was quite successful as well. Winning Best in Show awards at both Club and All Breeds Shows. And it is this mating that is behind every Corydon. We have now reached generation number 21. We have made up 26 Champions in the UK and 92 Champions Worldwide have become Champions in 24 Countries.

Ch Corydon Quinault was our first CC winner. He was awarded this at Bath Ch Show in 1973 under judge Frank Mitchell, but he had to wait to win his title as both his dam and half sister were made up before him. His half sister Ch Corydon Hippolyta was our first Champion. She won her third and qualifying CC at the very first Championship Show in 1975 held by our oldest Collie Club the London & Provincial Collie Club. Strange that they had to wait nearly 70 years for this while the newly formed London Collie Club had their first CH show in 1955. Just eight years after their formation.

Our Collies have won 180 Challenge Certificates in the UK and more than 100 Reserve Challenge Certificates have been won. Corydon Trump The Lot became our 50th CC winner when he won at Darlington Show in 2019.

Barbara was for many years the President of the London Collie Club. She was also the Breed note writer for Our Dogs magazine from 1973 to 2009. I wrote and freely distributed Collie Data for six years.

Barbara died on the 25th September 2010 but I have kept her name on the site.

Miranda our daughter is gradually taking over the kennel with the prefix going over to her so that she is now the KC owner of the dogs. But I still do the breeding. She has judged all over the World and until the Covid restrictions was in much demand as a judge. She is due to judge the Collie bitch classes at Crufts Dog Show in 2022. She is also the secretary of the East Anglian Collie Association. And now she is the secretary of the Rough Collie Breed Council. This is an important position because The Kennel Club are seeking to make big changes to the number of clubs on the list.

We have our own fan club based in Finland. It is called ACP and we go to that lovely country every two or three years to judge the stock they have that is mainly of Corydon origin. One year I went on my own as Barbara was not well. I had over 140 Rough Collies to judge and they all had at least 25% Corydon in their pedigrees.

Our kennel was featured in the Dog World Annual in 2008. Only the third Kennel ever to be featured in this now defunct Dog Magazine. We also represented the UK in the television film about the breed called Breed all About It which was part of the Animal Planet program.

We won Best of Breed at Crufts Dog show in 2000, 2001,2002 and 2008.

I wrote a book about the Corydon’s that proved to be rather popular and the 300 copies I had printed were soon sold out. I then wrote another book about Crufts Winners from the first Crufts Dog show in 1891 to the Show held in 2000. I still have a few of these left. We also have DVD’s on the breed and grooming. If you are interested click on Here to go to the page that explains it all

I am now writing another about the bitches in the breed. This is quite a challenge due to the amount of research work I am having to do. Just out of interest I have discovered 29 bitches that have at least 11 generations in front of them. But the one surprising thing I have found doing my research is how few Champion bitches bred on. I think that too many Champion bitches were just pretty. They were not substantial enough to be bred from.