Corydon Moonflower

Born 28/3/2014

BY Ch Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin Over Corydon Ex Corydon Grandeflora

The Eleventh generation of Corydon bred Bitches.

She had a litter of 5 to Corydon Victor Ludoram on the 6th July 2015. She was the best dam I have ever had with this litter. The only bitch in the litter, Corydon Victoria Rose at Fiocare won her Junior Warrant. She is owned by the Newtons. She is the twelfth Corydon bred bitch in direct line.
Her next litter, born on the 13th October 2016 contained 3 male puppies. The sire is Ch Corydon The Ringleader. They included the Champion dog Corydon Trump The Lot

Her next litter born on the 31/5/2020 produced five puppies including three bitch puppies. The sire was Corydon The Ringmaster. We hope that we might be able to show the dog and bitch puppies we kept before they are out of puppy classes at the dog shows.
She has not yet been to shows. This is not correct now as we entered her at the East Anglian Collie Ch Show. She was placed second in the Open Bitch Class. So getting her name into the KC Stud Book. She was then retired to produce another litter.