Champion Corydon The Ringleader

Born 7/2/2014

By Corydon The Persuader ex Corydon La Donnarita

His first show when he was under 7 months of age was the Yorkshire Collie Club Ch Show on the 31st August 2014. He won 3 First Prizes. The Reserve Challenge Certificate. Reserve Best in Show. Best Puppy in Show. He must be the youngest Rough Collie Dog Puppy to have won such a high award. Group 1  at Darlington Ch Show 17th September 2016. Winner of Dog CC LKA 12th December 2015. Winner Dog CC and Best of Breed Darlington 17th September 2016. Winner Dog CC and Best of Breed at Midland Counties 30th October 2016. Winner Dog CC Collie Association 27th October 2016. Winner Dog CC Welsh Kennel Club 18th August 2018. Winner Dog CC East of England 2019.

When he was 8 weeks old I said that he could be the best we have ever bred. I h.ave not changed my opinion. Winner Junior Dog British Collie Club Championship Show 28/2/2015. Winner Special Junior Class Crufts 2015. Winner of Reserve CC Scottish K C Show 20/5/2016. Winner Reserve CC Three Counties Ch Show 11/6/2016. Winner Reserve Dog CC Darlington 2018

Just had his hips scored 4.4 Excellent score as he was nearly three and has had a lot of exercise. For those viewing from overseas. These are very good A hips.

Some in the breed do not like him as they think he has no stop. But if they bothered to read the breed Standard they would see that it says stop slight but perceptible. Which describes his stop to perfection. Before the Kennel Club lowered the value of the breed Standards the Standards had a list of faults. One of the faults was too deep a stop. The reason for this is that if a Collie has a deep stop then its cheek bones will be very prominent. So this dog would not have the clean cheeks as is laid down in the Standard. Personally I do not like this type of head as it always goes with a lack of elegance. The Rough Collie should be a very elegant animal. Mostly all we see in the showring are short stuffy animals with no class about them at all. They are not very attractive and tend to put off the buying public.

He is now siring some big winners, especially in Europe.