What is happening and has happened in 2021

We have a new Champion. Corydon The Mistress is now LT Ch Corydon The Mistress. She won her title on Saturday the 17 th June. Just over two years of age she is by Corydon The Ringmaster out of Mejola Famous Attraction for Corydon. She is Champion number 92 for us.

The Rough Collie Breed Council had a meeting on the 24th June all on the computer. Duna Jones had decided to retire as the secretary. Therefor the 14 clubs had to choose her successor. The voting resulted with the fact that Miranda is now the Breed Council secretary. We should have some fun.

It is not just us that have started dog shows again. News from Finland is that they had their first All Breed Show last Sunday the 13th June. More than 50 rough Collies were entered and our export Corydon Dom Perignon won the Dog CC. His first. He is litter brother to our big winning Corydon Pol Roger.

Corydon Dom Perignon

We are getting smaller as Q left us on Saturday to what we hope is a lovely new home. His new owner owned Heather’s brother, but unfortunately he has passed away, so his new owner was looking to replace him and we felt that Q would fit the bill nicely. And today the 31st May we have said goodbye to two of our puppies as they have now gone on a long trip to Switzerland. They were the tri bitch Muffin and the tri dog Macaw. We hope they will have a long and successful life in their new homes.

Little Blue Belle leading the chase

18th April and we had a dog show. In fact there were two dog shows. The first was a Championship show, the first for any breed this year. The second was an Open Show. Both were arranged by the East Anglian Collie Association and most of the plaudits have to go to Jo White who blustered the Littleport Leisure centre into agreeing to have the shows on their playing fields, and Miranda (the Club secretary) who worked her guts off to make sure that everything went off beautifully. Both shows attracted good entries. Our Kasper (Corydon The Grandmaster) had a good day as he won Best Puppy in Show at both shows.

EACA Best in Show 18/4/2021

Donald (Corydon Trump The Lot) won the Open Dog Class at the Ch show. Clare (Corydon Clarisa) was placed second in both the Puppy Bitch Classes at the shows. Jo White did have a lot of compensation for her hard work as her dog won the Reserve Dog CC.

New pictures of puppies

The 5th March and I have been busy judging photographs of Rough Collies for a photograph show organised by our fan club in Finland ACP. There were over 100 dogs and bitches to look at. I found the whole thing rather difficult as the quality of the photographs was in most cases wonderful. The quality of the exhibits was excellent. I did not find one that was not correct in conformation. So different from this country where it is often difficult to find a sound specimen. Miranda judged the Smooth Collies then we had to decide between ourselves on the Best in Show. This went to the winner of the Champion bitch class. I do not know her name but I thought she was wonderful. Just my type. All the photos had to show the Collie sideways and another showing the expression. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of many of the Collies I had to judge. It was hard work but great fun.

1st of March and not a lot happening now. No shows and no meetings. So I am trying to get this web site up and running in full order. I am also trying to write about the influential bitches in the breed. Quite a task as there is a lot of research involved. So far I have found 29 bitches at the start of a female line that go on for at least eleven generations. Compared to dogs and their tail mail it is extraordinary as there are only a very few dogs that actually can be said to start a male line. All Rough Collie dogs in the World go back tail male to Trefoil. Some other dogs carried on this line but also started a new line. One of these was Ch Christopher. All dogs go back tail male to him but he also started a line that went through Ch Parbold Piccolo and this line carried on until about 1970. Some 82 years after the birth of Christopher.

Some of the bitch lines have carried on for sometimes more than 40 generations, but I am finding that many of these long lines have now disappeared. Probably because very few Rough Collie people in this country are actually breeding. They are producing puppies, but not breeding to improve the breed. Too many are now importing stock from Eastern Europe and hoping that they might breed something good, or are not breeding at all. They are just importing their next exhibit. I have to wonder if this is just happening to Rough Collies or are other breeds also being affected.

We have had 2 litters so far this year. The first born on the 15th January was to Maxine’s blue merle bitch who is rather lovely. We have been looking after her for some time now. She was mated to Corydon Riffson and had 3 puppies. a tri dog a tri bitch and a blue merle dog, The second litter born on the 2nd February was to our Mejola Famous Attraction For Corydon. She had seven puppies sired by the now proven Corydon Pol Roger. She had one tri bitch, two blue merle bitches and four tri dogs. They do look rather nice. Their dam is amazing. She is rather on the small side but she has enormous puppies. These seven are, apart from one, huge. The smaller one is a blue merle bitch but she is very lively and is always first to the food.