What is Happening and what has happened in 2022

ACP had their show and seminar at the end of July. We had a wonderful time. They really look after us. They gave me a wonderful model of a Rough Collie. Miranda thought their bitches were far better than those she judged at Crufts. And then a dog we sent out there three years ago remembered me and went mad.

FN CH Corydon Commodore
Wood carved Collie model

SLO Ch Corydon The Taskmaster

Yet another Corydon Champion and yet another Country. The new Champion is Corydon The Taskmaster and the new Country is Slovenia. He is by Corydon The Grandmaster out of Mejola Famous Attraction for Corydon. He is Corydon Champion No. 99. And they all have at least one parent bred by us. I am very proud of that fact as it must be quite unique in this breed and must be very rare in any other breed.

We had a very interesting day on the 25th June as we hosted the East Anglian Collie Association group mentoring session. This involved people interested in judging Rough Collies taking an exam on the breed standard and then commenting on the merits of some of the dogs we were to show them. We had about 15 people come to take the test which we held here as we have the room. Miranda did a talk with the help of the television on the breed standard and then we went to look at some of our dogs. Only 2 failed in the exam which I thought was quite testing as the questions had to be answered according to the exact wording in the Breed Standard. We were very lucky with the weather as it was fine and not too hot.

We have another Champion. This time it is German Champion Corydon The Skywalker (Luke, obviously) He is unbeaten at his last five shows. He is litter brother of our UK CH Corydon Trump The Lot. He was pick of litter but I wanted to keep Donald as I wanted the white blaze to become popular again. Miranda says that Donald is the Marmite dog. They either love him or hate him. The problem as I see it is that very few people today have seen a dog with a blaze. When I first started in the 1950’s almost all Rough Collies had a blaze. Then it became unpopular to the extent that any dog with a blaze was ignored by the judges. It does seem strange that Donald was the first male sable and white Collie with a white blaze to win a CC since Ch Lochinvar of Ladypark won the CC at Crufts in1957.


May 29th was a show in Switzerland. Two litter brother and sister won CACs. Corydon Cliquot was best dog and Corydon La Grande Dam was a bitch winner. They are by Corydon Pol Roger out of Mejola Famous Attraction for Corydon. They are just over one year old.

At last I went to a dog show. This was the East Anglian Collie association Open Show held at Littleport on the 10th April. This was the first time I had left home since the 21st December when I went into Newark to do my Christmas shopping. The show was fun as I took Roger and Claire. Roger won the Open Dog Class but he was losing coat fast so he will be at home for a time. Claire is not in coat but she won her class.

Roger in the Bluebells

A very quiet time for me. Miranda judged the bitches at Crufts Dog Show. I stayed at home as we had a very young puppy to look after. She took Roger (Corydon Pol Roger) to the Newark Open Show on Sunday the 20th March. He won Best of Breed. The competition was quite good as a CC winner and 3 Res CC winners were present. Unfortunately the Group judge insisted on her winners to be cow hocked and Roger is definitely a very sound mover. Where do they get their judges from?

Saturday the 5th February was the Isle of Ely Open Show held at a venue close to Grantham which must be 60 miles from The Isle of Ely. Anyway, Miranda took Kasper (Corydon The Grandmaster) He won the Open Clas and then Best of Breed. His first such award.

Saturday the 29th January was the British Collie Club’s Collie of the year contest. Miranda took Kasper (Corydon The Grandmaster) and he won the Junior of the Year Contest. This follows the success of Roger (Corydon Pol Roger) the last time the contest was held. This means that Kasper was the top puppy of 2021. He is quite a character as can be seen here. He could well be very important for the future of the breed. he has great presence in the ring and has a wonderful temperament.

I have been reading a paper about breeding dogs. Written by the greatest
breeder in America in 1960, it is still very relevant today. We were very lucky in
that we were allowed to inbreed to start our line. New breeders today cannot start
a line for their kennel as the Kennel Club will not allow inbreeding. I do wonder if
there is anybody at The Kennel Club who actually breeds dogs. They need to read
this paper as it might just open their eyes. This writer had done an enormous
amount of research into breeding and had proved that you get just as many
problems with out crossing as you do with in breeding. And if you are careful in
selecting then you are much more likely to breed sound stock, because you have a
very good idea of what you will get from an in bred litter, whereas with an out
crossed litter you have no idea what you will get. Too hit and miss for me. We have
tried out crossing and all we got were bad hips and odd sized eyes.

January 9th was a sad day as our Dennis died. He went away peacefully in our kitchen. He was the sire of 2 UK Champions. Including our Group winner Ch Corydon The Ringleader. He actually only sired 3 litters so his record was rather good.