What is Happening and what has happened in 2022

Have been reading a paper about breeding dogs. Written by the greatest
breeder in America in 1960, it is still very relevant today. We were very lucky in
that we were allowed to inbreed to start our line. New breeders today cannot start
a line for their kennel as the Kennel Club will not allow inbreeding. I do wonder if
there is anybody at The Kennel Club who actually breeds dogs. They need to read
this paper as it might just open their eyes. This writer had done an enormous
amount of research into breeding and had proved that you get just as many
problems with out crossing as you do with in breeding. And if you are careful in
selecting then you are much more likely to breed sound stock, because you have a
very good idea of what you will get from an in bred litter, whereas an with out
crossed litter you have no idea what you will get. Too hit and miss for me. We have
tried out crossing and all we got were bad hips and odd sized eyes.