19th November and the last show of the year for us, London & Provincial Collie Club Ch Show. We took Donald who was
placed third out of three. And Victor (Corydon Victor Ludorum) who was placed second in Open Dog and then won the Reserve
CC. Strange judging, but we were happy.
MAGIC happened on Thursday the 26th October as it was Midland Counties Championship Show where Corydon La
Caprita at Phreelancer
won the Bitch CC and then Best of Breed. This means that she has become a Champion. Well done to
Lene for looking after her so well and presenting her so beautifully. She is UK Corydon Champion No. 26. This seems to be a very
lucky show for us as Ch Corydon The Ringleader was made a Champion last year when we did the double with him and
Heather (Mejola My Blue Heaven For Corydon)
8th October and a show at last. Miranda had a bug (she will teach these 4 year old germ bomb children) so I went on my
own to the East Anglian Collie Association Open Show. I took Donald (Corydon Trump The Lot). Well he was born at the time the
new USA President was elected. He did rather well as he won both his Classes. Won the Best Dog Award, then the Reserve Best
in Show Award and was Best Puppy in Show as well. He will no doubt have an up and down career as he has a white blaze. I
think he is so nice that he will educate the judges to appreciate white blazes, and they are now beginning to appear in the show
ring. The great thing about him though is that he has the best temperament we have ever had in the kennel. He now has his own
page on this site. Go to Donald in the Boys Section and see how elegant he is.
At last, we have mated a bitch. Corydon Moonflower was visited by Corydon The Persuader on the 10th -12th
September. I know we do not show Dennis, but he has had three litters born to him and has produced two UK Champions. Bit
better than average I think. She tells me she is expecting puppies in about 8 weeks time.
I have now finished completely replacing the floor in Julian’s bedroom. It was quite interesting as when I started to rip the
floor up I discovered that his bed was in very serious danger of falling through the floor and landing on the ground 4ft 6ins
below. We had builders in to repair it a few years ago but they had just nailed new wood onto completely rotten beams. And they
charged a fortune to do it and spent quite a long time doing it. I spent just a small amount on new wood and joists. Did the
whole job myself and it looks a lot better than it has ever done. Hopefully Julian can now sleep without the fear of a sudden
awakening. Motto here, do not employ a builder to do a job that can be done by oneself. All this following the lounge floor
collapsing due to rotten beams. Again we had builders to repair and again they had nailed wood to the beams. Again I did the job
on my own and it looks wonderful. We had very nearly lost our big bookcase to the ground below which a big drop would not
have been very good for it. All this meant that dog shows had to take a back seat, but the dogs are all out of coat anyway, so we
have not missed much. I was rather pleased though that at my age of 81 I was still able to haul myself up to the floor from the
ground. Good exercise!!!. In the meantime Miranda did find time to go to Builth Wells and the Welsh All Breeds Ch Show. She
just took Donald who won two classes. He might have won more but the judge wanted the dogs to move wide in front, but
Donald single tracks as he should as it is in the Breed Standard. No wonder the dogs overseas are so much better than those
over here when our judges cannot be bothered read the breed standard.

Miranda judged the breed at Windsor a couple of weeks ago. Last week she judged in Russia. On her return she said that
the Rough Collies in Russia were far superior to those she had judged at the very important show at Windsor. Her Best of Breed
at Windsor was a Russian Bred Blue Merle Puppy Bitch. How has this rather sad state of affairs happened? I think that in this
country dog showing is more or less restricted to people who have either retired or their children have left the nest, meaning that
they are looking for a hobby that they can enjoy. They buy a new puppy and the breeder of the puppy suggests that they try a
dog show. They then make some friends and it becomes a social event for them. They, on the whole are not really interested in
the breed, but like the socialisation that their dog has started. If they win with their exhibit they are naturally thrilled and want to
win more. Then they think about judging, but this has rather disastrous repercussions because they do not really know the breed
but like to please their friends. The result is that poor dogs are all too often winning the top prizes. Am I wrong? We had 34
Championship Shows last year and 29 different bitches won the Challenge Certificate. Miranda was very pleased to see so many
young exhibitors in Russia, too rare to see young people in our breed at dog shows. Why? I know the young lead a hectic life
style today, but surely they do in Germany and there are a lot of young people showing our breed in that country. For me, we do
not have nearly enough Ch Shows and we have far too many so called Specialist judges at these few shows. So many of these
judges have never won a CC with any of their dogs. So why are they handing out these CCs? On a personal note, I had bred and
made up 7 Champions before I officiated at my first Ch Show. I think I knew a little about the breed by then, and I needed to as
my first class at my first show had 59 Minor Puppy Bitches entered. We of course have a bigger problem in that the Kennel Club
in this country are not interested in improving the quality of the breeds any more. Evidently there are very few members running
our hobby there who actually own a dog. They have proved beyond doubt that they are only interested in money. Dogs! What
are they? We need to get the FCI to run our shows. They are not perfect, but they are more concerned. I think we who have a
passion for the breed will be pleased that other countries are producing outstanding Rough Collies. I know that it is always a real
pleasure to go to the dog shows in other countries where the atmosphere is so much better than the dog shows in the UK.
15th July was National Working & Pastoral Breed Ch Show. This was their fiftieth anniversary, which made me think a bit
as I went to their first show. Mr Barrett was the judge. We just took Donald (Corydon Trump The Lot) as all the others had
decided that they did not want coats in this spell of hot weather. He won a load of second prizes, but he was the youngest in his
classes. Best of Breed was Lene’s Corydon La Caprita at Phreelancer, winning her second CC at nearly eight years of age.
Strangely she is the litter sister of Corydon La Donnarita who is the dam of Ch Corydon The Rongleader who Mr Barrett
awarded the Dog CC to the last time he judged. We actually had a good day with our own bred stock as Corydon Victoria Rose
at Fiocare won her class, and several others by our dogs did very well. I am not going to many shows now. I find them rather
unpleasant as some exhibitors and judges will not place the exhibits in order of merit. The Kennel Club do not seem to care less
as evidently hardly anyone there owns a dog or has even shown a dog. Something is very wrong with that company. As with
most, after talking to them, I prefer the shows overseas. Much more friendly and I can talk dogs to the people at these shows.
Here they are not interested at all, as for most of them it is just a social occasion. Mention anything to do with breeding and I am
left with a blank could not care less stare. I can remember talking about dogs well past midnight when we had guests here in the
Now I am going to do some work this winter as my site designers have stopped supporing their software. So I am going
to have to start all over again. Still, I am used to hard work, I have to be as the floor in our lounge decided to collapse. Not long
since builders sorted it out. Useless people who charge a lot for poor workmanship. So I am doing it all myself. Quite interesting
as I now have a five foot drop from the floor to the ground. The floor joists were completely rotten so that our rather big
bookcase was at a very strange angle.
Monday 12th June Taz (Ch Corydon The Ringleader) was the sire of his first overseas litter born today in Estonia. Six
live puppies three of each sex.
I went to a dog show yesterday the 30th May. It was Boston Premier All Breeds Evening Open Show held on the Newark
Showground. I showed Donald (Corydon Trump The Lot), well he was born at the same time as the USA presidential election.
It was his first show as he is only 7 months old. He won the Puppy Class and Best Puppy. Mind he was the only entry. But, he
won Puppy Group 2 which was quite special. The best bit was that he really enjoyed himself even though the show was held in a
dirty smelly hall. His temperament is wonderful, so I was very pleased with him. He has a blaze so it will be interesting to see
how the breed judges evaluate him. I think he is very nice. We took his dam (Corydon Moonflower) and she won the bid Post
Graduate Class. We also took Phineas (Corydon The Ringmaster) and he won the Junior Class.
More good news as Lord (Corydon Conqueror) one the Dog CC at his show in Finland
on Sunday 28th May and has become a Champion in Finland. He is one of three tricolour dogs
from one litter that have now become Champions. It has to be a record. The others are Aus Ch
Corydon Winds of Victory and SA Ch Corydon Victorious. They were the only three boys to
be exported from this litter. It pays to buy from us I think. We saw Lord last year at the ACP
meeting and I really liked him. He has not been shown too often as he is a pet. Now his owners
have a Champion pet.
Some very good news at last. Baggins (Corydon Lord of The Rings) went to his first
show in Finland. He won the Dog CC, then Best of Breed
and then Group 3. He is litter brother to our Corydon The

Ringmaster who had the right idea at the show on
Saturday by cutting his foot so was unable to compete.
At last a Championship Show for Miranda to go to. This was the Lancashire &
Cheshire Collie Club Ch Show. She only came home with a couple of cards but this was the
first Ch Show since the nonsense that was Crufts. We are still getting complaints from our
overseas friends about the judging at that show. No wonder the show dogs in this country
are now very much third division in quality. And this goes for most of the other breeds as
well as this one.
Sunday 7th May Miranda judged the breed in Switzerland and I was invited as well.
We had a wonderful time with our hosts driving around this most beautiful country.
Unfortunately it rained for most of the weekend. One advantage of England is that it only
rains for a maximum of 12 hours. There it rained for 48 hours. Miranda was very pleased
with the quality of the dogs. Most of them actually looked like Rough Collies rather than those so called Rough Collies we see in
this country. While we were there Maxine won the Reserve CC with her Corydon Victoriana at Delemelewis at the National
Show under Mr S Mallard.
Miranda took Corydon The Ringmaster to two shows this Easter. He was Best of Breed at each and Group 4 at the first.
There is a new photo of him on his page. He is beginning to look rather nice.
There is a new photo of Taz on his page and on the Home Page. I have also put a photo of his 5 month old son on the
Home page. I think he is nice, white blaze as well. Looks like a real Lassie.
Miranda has taken Victor to a couple of local Open Shows. He has won his classes and has a Reserve Best of Breed and a
Best of Breed added to his CV.
As we are going to so few show at the moment, I have decided to change the format of the pedigrees so that they are
more understandable. I am also, over time, putting in the complete show records for the dogs on the site. This could take some
time and will inevitably increase the size of some of the pages. But it could be interesting to see which judges liked our dogs, and
those that did not.
19th February – Miranda took Victor and Phineas to their first show of the year. This was Matlock Open Show. It was
Victor’s first show for nearly three years. He did well by winning quite a large Open Class and winning the Reserve Best of Breed
award. Phineas won the Junior Class. New pictures of them on their respective pages. I think Victor looks really well.
Just had the result of Taz’s hip X-rays. Excellent score of 4.4. Total 8. Very good as he is now three years old and has had
a lot of exercise. Knew they would be good because he jumps very high. Including over his kennel door which is almost 5 foot
high. I wonder what the three boys will be like because their dam jumps as well. I have had to heighten all the fences because
they both jump over them.
The year has started off very well as on the 8th January it was the East Anglian Collie Associations Collie of the Year
Competition. This was a triumph for Maxine as she won Best with her Demelewis Catchmydrift and Best adult bitch with
Corydon Victoriana For Demelewis. A triumph for us as well as the winner is by the late lamented Ch Corydon Once in a
Blue Moon and of course we bred her bitch winner. Then we have just had the news that Corydon Victoria Rose at Fiocare
has won her Junior Warrant. She is by Corydon Victor Ludorum , who is also the sire of Victoriana. Rose is out of Corydon
A quick round up of 2016. We entered our Collies in 42 Classes during the year. They won 19 of them. They were lead by
Ch Corydon The Ringleader who won six of the eight classes he was entered. He won three CCs, 2 Best of Breed, 1 Group and
two Reserve CCs. He was Top Rough Collie for 2016. CCs were also won by Demelewis Catch The Breeze for Corydon who
was also Best of Breed, and Mejola My Blue heaven For Corydon. So now we have 3 bitches with 2 CCs each. Must be a
record there I think. Demelewis Catchmydrift also won a CC, and as he is the sister of Breeze it meant that Ch Corydon Once
in A Blue Moon was the sire of 3 CC winners during the year, as he is also the sire of Heaven. Unusual for a blue merle to sire
three in one year.
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