LKA the last All Breeds Championship Show of the year held on the 12th December was a great success for us. Corydon The Ringleader won his first Dog CC having won the Open Dog Class. Corydon Blue Fizz won the Post Graduate Bitch Class which was
the largest class of the day. It was a good day for Tricolours as Taz was the only sable in the dog Challenge and in bitches it was much the same.
Good news from Finland where a daughter of Int Ch Corydon Mona Mia is now an International Champion having won the CACIB in St .Petersburg
December and Percy has done it again Top Rough Collie and Top Veteran Rough Collie for 2015. His full titles are ridiculous, but I include them here. CIB&NORD&FI&SE&NO&EE CH, HEW-12, W-14, VW-14 Corydon Catch Me Driftin. His litter sister Int Ch Corydon Mona Mia wanted to get on the act as well, so she was the dam of this years Helsinki Best of Breed winner. 23/11 and sad news from Denmark as Int Ch Corydon La Suprema had to be put down. She celebrated her 15th birthday
on the 27th last month. We had a card from the owner of her brother Corydon Super Chief to say that he had died last week. Very strange that two such old litter mates should die within a week of each other. They both had wonderful long lives. Good news from Finland where we now have a new winner. Corydon Conqueror went to two International shows over the weekend of 21/22 November. He won the Reserve CC at both. He also won the CACIB on the Saturday. He is by Corydon Victor Ludorum out of Demelewis Catch The Breeze For Corydon. Percy was Best of Breed on the Sunday. Miranda took Corydon the Ringleader and Corydon Blue Fizz to the London & Provincial Collie Club Championship Show on the 22nd. The Ringleader at his first show since Crufts was placed third in the Open Dog class and Fizz won the Post Graduate Bitch Class.
I am rearing a litter for Maxine. They are by Ch Corydon Once in A Blue Moon out of Corydon Victoriana who is litter sister to Conqueror. I have put a photo of them here. Now 8 weeks old. Photo titled – Mischief or Blue Bear and Harem.
A story that is not about dogs. Yesterday as I was trundling my wheelbarrow down to the bonfire along a path on which I had
laid concrete slabs, I noticed a large bird sitting in the middle of it. As I approached the bird it flew up with a very large rat in it’s claws. The rat was so big that the bird could only get a few feet up. It flew for about 10 yards along the path before it settled down
again. It saw that I was not going to stop, so flew up again. It had to drop the rat, then it flew into a tree in the wood at the end of our plot. The rat, very dead with a hole in its head was left on the path. I went past it, dropped my load on the bonfire and returned
to the dog run. I thought I would leave it for 5 minutes to see if the bird would return to get it’s prize. I duly went down the path. No sign of rat but as I carried on this bird flew up from the other side of the bonfire with the rat clasped in it’s claws. It flew about 30
yards into the next door field. I have never seen anything like this before. But I am pleased that we now have a very accomplished rat catcher as they are a nuisance around the chicken run which is a large area just beyond the dog runs. This run is some 200
yards beyond the house so they are not a problem for us. The bird? Probably a Kestrel although we do have Red Kites in the area and this was quite a flashy coloured bird.
During my research for my Book I discovered another Best in Show winner. This was Corydon Tuck’s Whisper. She did it at the Collies Association Open Show in March 1988. We did not show her very often as she was rather small. She became a well loved pet. She only had one litter that contained just two sable and white bitches. One of them did well for us her name Corydon Whisper Willow.
Tracy Jackson did an excellent write up for the show she judged at the EACA on the 4th. But she does go on about well defined Stops. Why? The Breed Standard has the Stop as slight but perceptible. Nothing there about a well defined or prominent Stop. Why has this new fashion or feature come into being? It is not possible to have a clean head (as in the Standard) and also have a well defined Stop. All it does is make the head of the Rough Collie look very ugly. The eyes will be forward set giving a very false expression. One well known breeder exhibitor even told me that the Stop was the most important feature of the Rough Collie. In my opinion he is very wrong. Is the Stop more important than a flat skull (as in the Standard)? Is it more important than a dark well set correctly shaped eye? Is it more important than correct conformation and movement? Is it more important than elegance? I await replies with interest. Before The Kennel Club lost all their senses when they abolished faults from the Breed Standards there was no mention of lack of Stop being a fault on the original Breed Standards of which there were several over the years. In my opinion dropping the list of faults from the Breed Standards has resulted in a big drop in the quality of show dogs in almost all breeds. I am wrong? Then how did 5 of the last Crufts Group winners come from overseas. 30 years ago it would have been unthinkable. I believe that I am not alone in this opinion. I am getting people from many other breeds who are bemoaning the fact that the quality in their own breed has reached rock bottom. I suspect powers that be at The Kennel Club could not care less. Seem to me they are only interested in getting as much money in as they can. Dogs, what are they?
Good and bad news for the end of October. The good news is that Int Ch Corydon Catch Me Driftin won yet another Best Veteran in Show all Breeds in Finland. The bad news was that we lost Corydon Follow Me to Hepatitis. We assume she had a cancer of the liver.
Sunday 4th October was the East Anglian Collie Association Open Show judged by Tracy Jackson of Sassari fame. Miranda took Corydon Blue Fizz to keep her company. As Miranda is secretary of this club she had to ask others to handle her. However
even with this handicap (actually she is a born show girl so is very easy to handle) she won her classes and was awarded Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show. Thanks to Lene and Dawn for handling her.
At last a show. This was the Yorkshire Collie Club Championship Show on the 6th
September. Miranda took Corydon Blue Fizz and Demelewis Catch The Breeze
For Corydon under bitch Judge Mrs A Harvey. Fizzy won the Graduate Bitch Class and Evie won the Limit Bitch Class and then the Reserve Bitch CC. As both were rather out of coat we were well pleased. In fact Evie had been stripped right out, while Fizzy is still growing hers.
Dogs all out of coat, so still no shows for us, but others are keeping the flag flying. Percy has added another big win and then on Saturday 29th August NL Ch Corydon Look at Me won the CACIB in Luxemburg so qualifying him for his International Title. Amazingly the winner of the bitch CACIB is out of his litter sister Corydon Maid For Mejola and by our Aqualita Class Act at Corydon. And more good news, this time from Denmark where Corydon The Temptress went to her very first show and won the Junior CK.
No Shows for us at the moment, but Percy Int Ch Corydon Catch Me Driftin won
Best of Breed, Best in Show and Best Veteran in Show at the main Collie Club Show in
Finland on the 16/8/2015 He is currently at No. 4 All Breeds Veteran. His breeder Group was Best of Breed as well.
Still very quiet on the show front. But I have added a page to the Collie Data Section.
This is the Male and Female lines for the Corydon Collies. The female line is the only female line I can find to go back to the original source of the line. What has happened to all of the other lines?
The Puppies continue to thrive. Certainly the best mother I have ever had. Not much news on the show front but we have just had a litter that has proved to be interesting. I have been breeding Rough Collies for more than 52 years and in that time I have whelped nearly 200 litters, but an incident on Tuesday was a first. The bitch had her puppies on Sunday night Monday morning the 6th July. She had them where we always have our puppies born and that is in the Kitchen between the radiator and cooker. It is the warmest place in the house. The bitch was probably the easiest first timer I have ever had. She was very calm and settled very quickly so that I could go to bed as soon as she had finished. Normally I move her and the puppies to the rearing kennel the next day, but the weather was not good and the bitch was very settled so I left her there. The next morning, Tuesday, she was still very happy so I went out to do some work in the garden. I came in at 11 in the morning to feed the dogs. I came into the kitchen. No sign of bitch or puppies. She had moved them into the very large pantry where they were lying on a wooden floor and feeding very well from her. She had moved them to the coldest place in the house. Obviously she thought that they were too hot under the heat lamp. I very quickly got them out to the rearing kennel where she settled in very quickly. I have never had a bitch carry her whole litter to another place before. She actually moved them
about 8 meters away. She is obviously more intelligent than me
2oth June Miranda judged in Germany. Excellent entry and some nice dogs. I held a talk the day before which was interesting with quite a few people to talk and listen. The weekend was made even better with the news that Corydon Celestial Moon had
won her qualifying CC in Hong Kong so is now a Champion. She is litter sister to our Corydon Blue Fizz and DE Y Ch Corydon Moonshine who I used to demonstrate the Breed Standard during my talk on Saturday. Celestial Moon is our 79th Champion.
No shows for us on the 6th June but British Collie Club held their Open Show. A success for our Ch Corydon Once in a Blue Moon as the Best of Breed was his son and another son was Reserve Best Dog.
Another very successful weekend on the 30th May Randy (Ch Corydon Rio
Grande) went to the Collie Association Open show where the entry was 115 Rough Collies
(more than most Championship Shows). At the age of 10 years and 4 months he won the
Veteran Dog Class, won Best Dog and then Best of Breed. This was his first show since 2009. He really enjoyed his day out and showed the youngsters how to move. We did not end there as Demelewis Catch The Breeze for Corydon was placed second in Open Bitch and then Reserve Best Bitch with me handling her!!! While Milo (JCh Corydon Moonshine) won another CAC in Germany. Then on the 31st May Int Ch Corydon Catch Me Driftin at an all breeds show in Finland he won Best of Breed, won the Group and won Best Veteran in Show. Proves beyond doubt that Corydon’s, like the best wine, improve with age.
Whit Weekend was very successful for two of our dogs overseas. Int Ch Corydon
Catch Me Driftin won 2 Best of Breed awards and was placed Best Veteran in Show at the
big International Show on the Sunday in Finland under one of the Worlds Top Judges.
J Ch Corydon Moonshine won 1 CACIB and 2 Best of Breed on 2 consecutive days. A message from his owners: Our stunning J Ch. Corydon Moonshine goes on unbeaten in Germany! Showed 6 times he won: 6 x EX1 2 x Best Junior in Show (from all British sheepdogs) 1 x CACIB 3 x BOB European Youth Winner German Youth Champion
May 13th a sad day as Ch Corydon Madchen died. Her main organs just gave out and she died just before midday in the sunshine in the garden. Another who has joined the oldies in the orchard. She was 13 years and 4 months old, so had a good innings. May 4th and a telephone call from Jo White to say that her Corydon Femme Fatale For Mejola won her class at Banbury so qualifying her for her Junior Warrant. We think that this is a first for one of our puppies that has gone to a new home. Very big congratulations.
April 6th and Percy has done it again. Best of Breed then Best Veteran in Show. Looks like we might be going to Helsinki again next year. As he must have already qualified for the Veteran of The Year Competition in Finland. He is also the grandsire of Evie our latest CC winner.
April 4th was the Collie Club of Wales Championship Show. Best in Show was our
Evie ( Demelewis Catch The Breeze for Corydon). Many thanks to Maxine for handling
her to this wonderful win. Evie has not been shown at all for a very long time. She has hadtwo very successful litters. Now she had matured and looks terrific. We had entered her for this show as an afterthought when I said to Miranda she was looking rather well and her movement was great as she keeps her topline on the move. Most judges would not appreciate this as they only see their own dogs waddle along. Fortunately the Bitch Judge and Referee do recognise this very important point. We agreed that Maxine should handle her as Miranda had entered Corydon Grandeflora in the Open Bitch Class. Where she was placed third. She also took Corydon Moonflower to her second only show when she won a couple of second prizes even though losing her coat big time. Jo White won a couple of classes with Corydon Femme Fatale For Mejola. So a very good show for the Corydon’s. A little bit aside here as Evie incredibly has three litter mates in her first three
generations. Her Grandmothers are Demelewis Raven Moon and Demelewis Muffin
Moon with Corydon and her Great Grandsire is their litter brother Ch Demelewis Dark
Moon Driftin Over Corydon. I do not know of any others having a similar pedigree. Her litter brother is our Demelewis Catch The Blues For Corydon. He has at least 4 Reserve CCs. They came to us when very young with the rest of the litter so that I could rear them in our much larger space. Strangely with this close line breeding their COI is actually lower than their three ancestors. You can see their pedigree on their pages on this site.
Winter finished with a bang for us on the 28th February. Firstly Hardy arrived at his new home in Tasmania on Saturday morning. Corydon Look at Me won the Dog CC in Holland and is now a Netherlands Champion. The 78th Corydon Champion and a New Country to have a Corydon Champion. The British Collie Club held their Championship Show on the 28th February. Dog Judge was Stella Clarke. We entered four boys. Demelewis Catch The Blues For Corydon was placed Reserve in the Open Dog Class. Corydon Spot The Drifference was placed Second in the Mid Limit Class. Corydon The Ringleader won the Junior Dog Class. Corydon Riffson won the Puppy Dog Class and the Novice Dog Class. He went on to win Best Puppy in Show. Corydon Look at Me is out of Corydon Fancy Me by Ch Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon. This is the fifth Champion produced from this mating. As Mia has only produced 8 puppies in her life, to have five of them becoming Champions is a most remarkable record. Even more remarkable is that Corydon Riffson became the sixth puppy bred by us to win Best Puppy in Breed at a Championship show in a period of less than 12 months. A record I would challenge anybody to equal in any breed in the UK.
20th February we went to Finland. Percy had qualified for the Champion of Champions competition in that Country. We had a wonderful time. Food was excellent, so was the company. Percy did not get very far, but he was the first Rough Collie ever to grace
this competition. And it took just under 20 minutes from the plane touching down in Helsinki to arriving.
This year we have some significant birthdays. Ch Corydon Madchen was 13 years old on the 26th January. Followed veryclosely with Ch Rio Grande and his sister celebrating their 10th birthday on the 28th January. On the 12th February Corydon Fancy Me is 11 years old. April and Ch Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon and his sister will be 10 years old on the 19th April. Then into May and Aqualita Class Act with Corydon and his sister will be 12 years old on the 9th. We shall have 8 into double figures.
Sunday 1st February was the Yorkshire Collie Club’s Open Show. The judge for Rough Collies was Cathy Howard. The show drew a good entry of nearly 90 dogs. Miranda took Corydon Blue Fizz and Corydon Dark Victress. Vicky won the Puppy Bitch
Class, Fizzy won the Post Graduate Bitch Class, was awarded Best Bitch, then Best of Breed and under Best in Show judge Jill Oliver was awarded Best in Show. Vicky under a bit of a handicap had to settle for Best Puppy Bitch. Not only did Miranda come home with some big rosettes and cups, but also brought back a huge cup called the Ladypark Points Trophy. Corydon The Ringleader had won this with his wins at this Club’s Championship Show. So a good day all round.
Riff is going to be ten years old in just a few weeks. Therefore we have decided to withdraw him from public stud. Bad luck for all those who thought of using him on their bitches but have left it too late. His 2 tricolour sons are at public stud. Corydon Spot
The Drifference and Corydon Riffson.
25th January Ger man & European Youth Champion Corydon Moonshine wins his first senior German CAC and was Best of Breed in a good entry of 63
The 17th January was Manchester Ch Show, but no CCs for Rough Collies. The judge was a Mrs T Jackson. Miranda took Corydon Riffson (well he is a son of Riff) who won the Puppy Dog Class and then was awarded Best Puppy in the Breed. The sixth
Corydon puppy to win this award at a Championship Show in the last 12 months. She also took Corydon Blue Fizz who was placed 2nd in the large Post Graduate Bitch Class, her first outing for some considerable time. She is finally growing a bit of coat.
Last year we set a record with 5 puppies winning Best Puppy at Championship Shows. A record that is likely to stand for a very long time. Jo White has just reminded me that the five puppies concerned were of the three different colours. Should make this record even more unattainable. Jo’s puppy bitch Corydon Femme Fatale For Mejola was one of them. She was Best Puppy in the breed at Richmond. She is a tricolour and sister of the sable puppy dog Corydon The Ringleader who was Best Puppy in Show at the Yorkshire Collie Club Ch Show. The other puppies were the blue merle Corydon Blue Fizz who was Best Puppy at Crufts and at the Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales. The other 2 puppies were the tricolour sisters Corydon Dark Victress who was Best Puppy in Show at the Smooth Collie Ch Show and Corydon Victorian at Demelewis who was Best Puppy at Midland Counties.
Percy (Int Ch Corydon Catch Me Driftin) has qualified for the Finish Dog of the Year Contest. The first Rough Collie to do so. We are going to see him compete on the 22nd February. Should be quite an experience.