A much better year in the show ring. Our dogs won 5 Challenge
CORYDON winning 3. This makes him the top winning tricolour dog of all time in the breed in the UK.
Other CCs were won by CORYDON FOLLOW ME and CORYDON ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. They also won a Reserve CC each, as did CORYDON COPPERITA. Her win took our total of Reserve CCs to 100. A record we are very proud of. But not half so proud as we are of winning 150 CCs which we did when Riff won his first CC of the year at LEEDS CH Show in July. The total number of CCs won by the dogs in the kennel now totals Strange that we should reach these very unique landmarks at the same Ch Show. LEEDS 2011.
CORYDON GRANDEFLORA had a very good puppy career, as she won her Junior Warrant and won the OUR DOGS Best Puppy Competition for the breed.
The year was also memorable in that Miranda and I went to Hong Kong and Australia during August. We had a great time and I must thank our wonderful hosts for making us so welcome and enabling us to have so much enjoyment. The highlight for me was going to Sydney Opera House for a performance of La Boheme. But we had so many memorable trips and sights. I was also able to see my brother for his birthday. This was good as he has been rather ill for may years so I was very pleased to see him again. We also met up with my sister who lives down under and also Barbara’s sisters.
We spent quite a lot of the time with Mim Bester in Tasmania and there I saw probably the best Smooth Collie I have ever seen. They are allowed to mate Smooth and Rough Collies together down there and he was the product of such a mating.

CORYDON GRANDEFLORA as a young puppy