2007 was an interesting year as we brought out a litter brother and sister who were to make quite an impact. These were Corydon Catch Me Driftin and his sister Corydon Mona Mia. The bitch only went to a few shows before we sent her to some friends in Finland. This caused quite stir because on her second day there, and this was November, she escaped and was not seen again for 2 weeks. Miranda even went over there to help catch, but it was not until 2 weeks later that she decided to share the food with another dog on a farm 40km away. Fortunately the farmer had heard about her and correctly assumed that this was indeed Mona so a very relieved party in Finland went to collect her. Amazingly, even though the nights were very cold she had not lost any condition and in fact won at her first show. So she was obviously finding subsidence somewhere. She quite quickly became a Finish Champion and then won her International Title. She now has quite a lot of Titles to her name. Her brother we kept and he caused quite a stir by winning Best in Show at the Smooth Collie Club Ch. show while he was still a puppy. Quite a story as well here because I had taken a lot of his coat out and was not planning to take him to this show. But we had bitches in season and he would not stop howling. I even brought him into my bedroom the night before the show, but he still howled all night, so I thought it better to take him to the show for the neighbours sake. However the judge was Patti Merrill who at the time was President of The Collie Club of America. After the show she said that Percy had the only correct type of head at this show. I might explain here that the Americans insist on clean cheeks. They will not accept under any circumstances Collies that have any sign of cheek bones. So they run their hands up the side of the head to make sure that the head is completely smooth along the sides. Having seen the Collies in America I think that they have a very valid point here. Because the head is clean they all seemed to have proper elegance, which is so sadly missing among the thick headed stocky fluffy coated dogs that seem to find favour with most of todays judges. Sad really.
The rest of the year really belonged to another litter sister brother
combination. These were Demelewis Dark Moon Driftin over Corydon and his tri sister Demelewis Muffin Moon With Corydon. She started the year very well by winning Best in Show at the East Anglian Collie Association Open Show in January. She won another Best of Breed award at Sheffield Open Show. But it was her tri brother who was to hit the headlines. He won the Special Yearling Dog Class at Crufts to follow on from his best puppy award the previous year. He then won Best in Show at the West of England Open Show in April, and he followed this by winning the Reserve CC at W.E.L.K.S and soon after another Reserve CC at the National. Both of these
were won under husband and wife Mr & Mrs P Bailey. He won another Reserve CC at Three Counties under Mr S Mallard, and then onto Blackpool where Viv Anderton awarded him his first CC and then Best of Breed. He won his second CC at The National Working & Pastoral Breeds under Tracy Wilkinson. And so he was retired until Crufts 2008 and much more about that next year.