The decade that saw us reach the TOP.
4 times Best of Breed at CRUFTS Dog Show, and 5 Dog CCs at this
show. This meant that in the first 10 years of the new millennium our dogs won half the dog Challenge Certificates available at Crufts Dog Show. And I judged the breed in 2003.
The dogs won 40 Challenge Certificates and 17 Reserve Challenge
Certificates during the 10 years. The CCs were won by 7 different Rough Collies. These were CH. PHREELANCER PHROSTY MOON OVER CORYDON, CH CORYDON IL SUPREMO, CH CORYDON RIO GRANDE, CH CORYDON MADCHEM, CH CORYDON BLACKCAT, CH. DEMELEWIS DARK MOON DRIFTING OVER CORYDON and CORYDON CATCH A PIXIE. And we made up 4 New Champions. Il Supremo, Rio Grande, Madchem and Dark Moon.
CH. PHREELANCER PHROSTY MOON OVER CORYDON became the new Breed Record holder with 32 Challenge Certificates. He won Best of Breed at Crufts on 3 successive occasions from 2000 to 2002. A breed record. He won the Dog CC at Crufts in 2004.
CH CORYDON IL SUPREMO became a Champion in 2000 and won the
Pastoral Group at Driffield in 2002. He also had a Best in Show win in
CH CORYDON BLACKCAT won his 5th CC and was Best in Show at
Midland Collie Club in 2001 when he was a veteran.
CH CORYDON MADCHEM won 3 CCs and became a Champion in just 3 months in 2005.
CH CORYDON RIO GRANDE won 3 CCs and became a Champion in 2006.

Frosty with the Cruft’s Best of Breed Trophy he won in 2000, 2001 & 2002