A quieter year than the hectic 1998, but our dogs still won 6 CCs. Once again it was Frosty who led the way with CC and Best of Breed at WELKS, under Mrs J White and he then went on to Group 3 under Mr R Vieroun. This was Mid April and we had not won anything of note before this year. However it had now begun and Primo (CORYDON IL SUPREMO) had one of our biggest wins when he went to the Hitchin 2 day Open Show. First he was Best of Breed under Mr F Cosme, then he won Group 1 under Mrs J Collis and then onto Best in Show under Mrs M Spavin. A very good win as there were over 1,000 dogs entered. He then went to the Scottish Kennel Club CH Show under Mrs A Arch who awarded him his first CC.
Frosty then went to Windsor Ch Show where Mr B House awarded him the Dog CC, and then to East of England where he won Best of Breed under Mrs J Bedford. He won his 3rd CC of the year and 12th in all at East Anglian Collie Association CH Show under Mrs N Lister. Where he went on to Best in Show.
And just 3 weeks later we did the double. This was at the Scottish
Kennel Clubs August Ch Show. CORYDON LA PHINICIA won the Bitch CC and Best of Breed. CORYDON IL SUPREMO won the Dog CC. The judge was Mr A Broadhead.
Primo was not finished yet as his next show was the Smooth Collie Club CH Show with Mr A Brace judging. He awarded Primo Best Dog, Best of Breed and then, Best in Show over the Top Winning Smooth Collie. And then onto the East Anglian Collie Association Open Show under Mr John Walsh Junior who awarded him Best in Show. His last show of the year was the London and Provincial Collie Club Ch Show where Mrs J Collis awarded him the Reserve Dog CC.

Primo Best in Show East Anglian Collie Association
Primo Best in Show Hitchin