This was a very good year, but tinged with sadness.
It started off in spectacular fashion when CORYDON LA STUPENDA won the CC, Best of Breed and then Best in Show at the Midland Collie Club Championship Show under Rene Cozens. This being the first Championship Show of the year. So she won at the last show in 1994 and the 1st in 1995.
This was followed shortly after when her son CORYDON BLACKCAT won the CC at Northumberland and Durham Collie Club Championship Show under Mr R Oliver. Then they both won the Res CC under Kath Jeffries at the National Show. Then to Bath Championship Show where ALSSALA CANNY BAIRN AT
won his second CC and Best of Breed under Miss J Lanning. This was followed by Windsor Championship Show where we introduced CORYDON KITTYCAT to the world. Mrs R Makepeace awarded her Best Puppy in the breed.
We then had 5 weeks of holiday in Australia and New Zealand, where we judged and had fun. I can understand why young people from this country want to emigrate to these countries. The weather is wonderful and everybody is so friendly. The dog show scene is not so good though.
After we came back we took CORYDON MOON GODDESS to the Scottish Kennel Club August Show under Mr R Vourinen from Finland who awarded her the Res CC. Shortly after this she developed pyometra and our very useless vet was unable to save her. This was especially cruel as just a year before she had produced 11 puppies and had reared them all without any help from us.
The year ended on a happier note when CORYDON SUDDEN IMPACT won his first CC at the London and Provincial Collie Club under Mr E Van Den Broek.
So the year ended with our dogs winning 4 CCs, 3 Res CCs, 6 Best of Breeds and 25 First prizes.
The main litter of the year was from CORYDON WHISPER WILLOW, the sire being ALSSALA CANNY BAIRN AT CORYDON. This litter produced 6 puppies. All were sable and white dogs. Several became good winners. The biggest winner was HK CH CORYDON WILL TO SUCCEED, we also sent to Hong Kong CORYDON WILL OF IRON who also won several CCs over there. Also in the litter was CORYDON WILL SCARLET who won 1 CC in the UK and won a 1st at Crufts.
CORYDON WILL TO WIN went to Finland where he did very well, and CORYDON WILL ANDREW went to Denmark where he became a successful sire.
Then right at the end of the year (30th December) we had a litter from CORYDON KITTYCATs litter sister CORYDON PERSEPHONE (blue merle) sired by her sire CORYDON BLACKCAT. From this litter came 2 Blue merles who were to become big winners. AUS CH CPRYDON OUTLAWED TO OZ and our own CORYDON LA PHINICIA who was to win a coveted CC.