This was a quiet year for us. We had success and tragedy.
The year started very well with CORYDON CAIUS MAGNUS winning Best in Show at London Collie Club Open Show under Mr D Field, and CORYDON GOLD STAR winning Best in Show at the Yorkshire Collie Club Limited Show under Mr J Pope.
We then started showing a very promising puppy called CORYDON BATTLE STAR. He won several Best Puppy awards and then won a Reserve CC at Southern Counties Championship Show under Bobby James while still a puppy. Unfortunately when he was just out of puppy I found him with a large lump on his neck. I took him to the vet even though he seemed to be fit and was running faster than any of the other dogs. The vet examined him and suspected that he had a tumour on his lung. He advised an operation, but had him put down on the operating table as he found that one lung was totally gone and the other had a very large tumour that was pressing on his aorta artery. This was the cause of the large lump on his neck. With only half a lung working I wander how he was able to run faster than any of the other dogs?
However CH CORYDON GLORY HALLELUJAH, won her 4th Challenge
Certificate and Best of Breed under Rene Cozens at Midland counties
Championship Show.
So the year ended with our dogs winning 2 Best in Show Awards, 1 Best
Puppy in Show (Battle Star) 1 CC, 1 res CC and 29 First Prizes.