This year we went mad because our dogs won four Challenge Certificates, three Reserve CCs and six Best in Show awards. We had to wait 17 years to win a CC then we win with three different exhibits. The CCs were won by Corydon Qui Vive at Paignton, under Mr Hucklesbee and by our new puppy Corydon Hippolyta winning at the Scottish Kennel Club under judge Kath Jefferies and at the West of England Collie Club under Alan Jefferies. Not to be outdone Corydon Quinault won the Dog CC at Bournemouth while his dam won the Res Bitch CC at the same show. Judge was Mrs T Taylor. This show was fun because when I arrived at the benches there was no number or bench for Qui Vive. On enquiring at the Secretary she advised that I extend the bench for Quinault that was at the end of the bench line. This I did so both mum and son were on the bench. At the end of the show this bench had the Dog CC and the Reserve Bitch CC clipped on the back. Must be the only time that this has ever happened. The other Reserve CCs were won by Hippolyta at Southern counties with judge John Parrott and Corydon King Hector at Welsh Kennel Club under Kay Alexander. Qui Vive won four Best in Shows. These were at East Anglian Colie, London & Provincial Collie, Yorkshire Collie and British Collie. Corydon Bouquet in Blue won Best in Show at East Anglian under May Young. Then Hippolyta won Best in Show at the Midland Collie Club under Pat Wilkinson.