Not too much going on with the dog shows.
Mainly because we moved from Raunds in Nothamptonshire to Haddon near Peterborough. We did this because they were going to build a housing estate behind our house at Raunds which would not have been good for us to continue dog breeding.
However Donna won 2 more Best of Breed awards. Under the late great Bill Siggers at Whittlesey, and at Herts & Essex under Joyce Sargeant.
During the year our dogs won just 12 first prizes.
We did show quite a lot of young stock. Some of them became quite well-known, and others were sold on as pets. C. Caribmaid and C. Knight Don Victorious went to Germany. Ralvera’s Donnasmaid went to Sweden, where she did some good winning and was the dam of several big winners.
Corydon Knight Don Victorious actually won a CACIB in Germany.
Corydon Esa Master went as a pet to a family home in England.

corydon knight victorious