We did win a second Reserve Challenge Certificate with CORYDON ISA BELLA, this was at Dumfires and Galloway Championship Show under Mr W E Forster when she was placed second in the Open Bitch Class.
But she was later in the year killed along with her mother by a hit and run car driver after they had escaped the dog proof fencing due to being frightened by fireworks on Guy Fawkes night. The driver was seen and recognised, but as usual the police could not give a damn, even though I was informed by the witness that the driver had deliberately driven straight at the 2 bitches and killed them outright. Later I did find out who the driver was and got some satisfaction when I learned that he had been committed to a mental hospital for life. He and his brother had a fight with combine harvesters and had a head on collision in their fathers field. Wrote off two combines and, as far as the farmer was concerned, 2 sons as well. All very sad.
Fortunately Bella Donna and Ralvera’s Donnasmaid did not join them as they had young litters and were looking after them.
On a happier note we did win another Best of Breed with Donna, this was at Kettering and District Canine Society under Mrs G Beresford.
We had 3 litters this year.
The first was with CORRYDON ISA BELLA who had 7 puppies sired by CH RALVERA’S MEADOW MARQUIS. We kept a dog and bitch, but they did not really satisfy so we let them both go although we did win a Best of Breed with the bitch CORYDON ISA MARINA, This was at Corby C.S. Under Fred Cross. We showed the brother CORYDON ESA MARSTER, but with very little success.
The second litter was with CORYDON BELLA DONNA who had 6 puppies to CH LARKENA VANARA GOLDEN VICTOR. Born 28/08/1966. We ran on 2 puppies. A sable dog by the name of CORYDON DON VICISTI, more of him later on, and a tri dog CORYDON NIGHT DON VICTORIOUS who left us in 1968 at Crufts when he went to Germany and actually won a CACIB there, and also sired a German Champion.
The third litter was with RALVERA’S DONNASMAID who had 7 puppies to CHLARKENA VANARA GOLDEN VICTOR. Born 4/10/1966. We ran on a sable dog CORYDON COUNTRYMAN who was to do quite a lot of good winning, and 2 tri bitches, CORYDON CARIBMAID who later went to Germany and CORYDON COALBLACKMAID who although not a show girl did have a large number of litters and is one of those directly behind all the Corydon’s. She was the dam of CORYDON OLD KING COLE, who won a C.C. And his details are on the Roll of Honour Pages, but
by far the most important son for us was CORYDON QUO VADIS who became the sire of CH CORYDON QUI VIVE and the start of big winning for the CORYDONS.

corydon coalblack maid
corydon carib maid