Ch Jefsfire Strollaway
Light Cavalry of Ladypar
Corydon Bella Donna

Great excitement this year as CORYDON had it’s first litter.
CHUCKALUCKS THAT’S MY GIRL had 4 puppies on the 8th February 1962 sired by the very famous Ch JEFSFIRE STROLLAWAY. And so CORYDON BELLA DONNA entered the World and started our kennel off to Glory. The circumstances were very interesting as we took the bitch to be mated on her 11th day and on the 13th day. The dog duly obliged on each occasion. But on the 22nd day of her season I noticed that she was still showing colour. So I asked the Jeffries if we could use the dog again. They very kindly said that we could, so we took Bella back to her husband and he mated her yet again. The most interesting part is that she whelped to this third mating.
I wonder what the future of CORYDON would have been if Kath and Alan Jeffries had refused to allow their dog to mate this bitch yet again?
The next time Bella was mated, again to Strollaway, we waited until the 22nd day before we had her mated and she produced 8 puppies.
Her daughter that we kept from this second mating followed her dam and was even later being mated and had her only litter after being mated on the 28th day. These 2 bitches are the only dams that have been like this. All of our other bitches have been mated and produced puppies on the 11th to 13th day of their season. And yet they have all been descended from Bella.
1962 was also the year that we started to win quite well with our dogs. Bobby (Light Cavalry of Ladypark) won Best in Show at the London Collie Club Sanction Show on the 20th October under Mr L Hucklesbee. This was our very first Breed Club Best in Show award.
This was quickly followed by Donna (Corydon Bella Donna) going Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show at Loughborough Canine Society Sanction Show under Mr T Ellis-Hughes. She also won 6 first prizes at this show. This was our first ever All Breeds Best in Show award. Donna also won Best Puppy in Show at Kettering Limited Show under Mr J Braddon.
Altogether our dogs won 12 first prizes in 1962