Chuckalucks That’s My Girl
Barbara with Bella Donna

Yes, we got married on the 2nd April 1960
Then we bought CHUCKALUCKS THAT’S MY GIRL our very first brood bitch.
Sable and White Bitch Born 8th March 1960. The foundation of all the CORYDON’S in the World Not the very best Collie, but she was very well bred and every single CORYDON today goes back to her. On some she is 21 generations away.

She only went to one or two shows, one judge said, should make a good brood. How correct he was.

And with a pedigree like this, she was not a bad bitch to start the line. Besides which, she was very cheap for impoverished newlyweds.
She had 2 litters, both to CH JEFSFIRE STROLLAWAY
The first litter of the Corydon Kennel produced CORYDON BELLA DONNA
and the second produced CORYDON ISA BELLA Winner of 2 Res CCs and CORYDON CARA BELLA a Junior warrant Winner
Isa Bella had one litter, but none of this litter feature in any of the future Corydon breeding lines.

This looks like line-Breeding especially with Ch Lad & Ch Lochinvar of Ladypark being full brothers, but her COi is only 12.7 for 10 generations. With this pedigree she should have been a World beater, but she was very ordinary.