The start of it all the 1950’s

The decade that saw the ending of food rationing in the UK following the Second World War. This enabled more people to keep dogs and so the number of pedigree and shown dogs grew at some pace. The 1950’s was also the time that CORYDON got started on it’s long journey.
The decade was dominated by 2 Kennels – Ladypark and Beulah.
Miss Grey of the LADYPARK’s dominated the stud scene with that incredibly successful stud dog CH LOCHINVAR OF LADYPARK, who
many of today’s breeders say was the greatest Rough Collie of all time.
I would argue that as he had a prominent blaze he would not be shown today and indeed would not have had any success at all once this decade had passed in to 1960’s, as it was then that blazes were much frowned upon and any collie with a blaze was just walked past in the ring by the judges. How quickly fashion can dictate what can win in the show-ring. It still happens today, with the demand by many judges for a Rough Collie to have a Border Collie head with the exaggerated stop that seems to be de-rigueur today. Hopefully it is just a passing fad by few of the less successful exhibitors trying to put their influence onto the Standard. I just have to assume that they are incapable of breeding to the Standard and have to have their little fling.
For me, the greatest debt we as breeders have, is to Mrs George of the BEULAH’s. It was she who kept enough collies through the war to enable breeders to have a nucleus of bloodlines to carry on a respectable breeding program. And of course it was a Beulah who was the dam of Lochinvar.

Ch Beulah’s Golden Fuson-Kin I think that he is the ideal Rough Collie. Very elegant and noble.

Ch Lochinvar of Ladypark